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'It hooked me pretty deeply': Actor Scott Patterson thrilled with premiere of 'Sullivan's Crossing'


The new drama series "Sullivan's Crossing" premiered on CTV Sunday night.

The 10-episode series was filmed and set in Nova Scotia and stars actors like Chad Michael Murray and British Columbia's Morgan Kohan.

Another well-known actor in the new show is known for his role as diner owner Luke Danes in the mega-hit show "Gilmore Girls," which he played for all seven seasons.

American actor Scott Patterson plays Sully Sullivan, a campground owner in Nova Scotia and the estranged father of the show's lead character, Maggie Sullivan, who is played by Kohan. 

During an interview with CTV Atlantic's Katie Kelly, the pair said they were thrilled with Sunday night's premiere.

"I cried," said Patterson. "I did. I actually started crying. The first 20 minutes had me. It hooked me pretty deeply and I was in for the rest of the show and it was just a great ride."

Filming in Nova Scotia for three months last summer was Patterson's first taste of the Maritimes.

"I didn't know very much. I had this whole, kind of, cliché vision of ships and fishermen with raincoats on and that kind of thing," he said.

"One of my buddies had spent some time in Halifax and told me how beautiful it was and how great the food was, how great the people are, and it just, it exceeded any description that he could muster. And it's just a gorgeous, gorgeous place."

Patterson fans went wild when he posted a selfie in front of "Luke's Small Goods" store on Halifax's Agricola Street – an ode to his Gilmore Girls character.

"It was just too easy. It was just such an easy shot," he said.

Patterson admits he does see some of Luke in his new role.

"I think in an alternative reality, had he [Luke] not gotten together with Lorelai, there's a world where you can kind of see he sort of closes up 'Luke's Diner' and he goes off to the Maritimes," said Patterson.

"Sullivan's Crossing" also gives Patterson the chance to work with former co-star Chad Michael Murray once again.

"I think he's probably immortal because he hasn't changed," said Patterson.

"And I remember him as an 18-year-old on set. And he's just a terrific guy and a terrific actor and it really made it easier to come here."

The show is also full of well-known Canadian actors like Alan Hawco, Tom Jackson and even some Maritimers, like Halifax musician T. Thomason.

Kohan says if viewers thought Sunday night's episode was jam-packed, they should prepare to buckle up.

"I think, just be prepared for the ride, with lots of action and lots of mystery. It's kind of got it all in the show, so it doesn't really hold back many punches," she said.

"Very unpredictable," added Patterson.

"Sullivan's Crossing" airs Sunday on CTV at 8 p.m. Top Stories

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