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'It’s not about ink, it’s about stories': New Arabic newspaper hits the shelves in Atlantic Canada

It took nearly two years of planning and preparation, but this month marked the start of a new print publication in Atlantic Canada.

“I said ‘you know what, I need something that’s just a link for all those people from back home, from different parts of the country, to their home, to their heritage, to their culture.’ So that’s where Atlantic Arabic came just to fill that gap,” said founder Ali Ettarnichi.

The first issue of Atlantic Arabic, a full Arabic publication, hit the shelves across the Maritimes.

“What people can expect is just diversity. A diverse newspaper that has everything from the community, from its culture to its news, and for also like it’s a good tool for immigrants to know,” he said.

Ettarnichi says the publication is a valuable resource for his community.

“It is a tool that provides people with what’s going on in the community and the stuff that they look for like stores, where they can find some groceries from back home,” he said.

“Also a lot of people like to eat Halal, there’s a lot of stores for Halal.”

As the community grows across Atlantic Canada, Ettarnichi says so does the need for information delivered in people’s native language.

He is also the founder of Atlantic Arabic TV, another option for people to consume news and information in Arabic.

Ettarnichi hopes releasing this new form of newspaper will address the growing need, fill the gap and provide a little bit of comfort.

“Imagine if you’re coming from a different country and you leave everything behind and the first thing you come when you get to the airport, you see a newspaper in your own language,” he said.

“You still have that touch with your country, you still have touch with the country you just arrive to, so with this is a link that keeps the culture and heritage of back home and at the same time you start a new beginning in a new country.”

The plan is to release monthly issues both online and in physical copy.

Right now, Ettarnichi says the paper can be found in any Arabic store across Atlantic Canada. Additionally, in the Greater Moncton Area, it can be found at locations such as the three public libraries, HS Empire, local hotels, and local businesses.

“They’ve had to come back twice I think to bring back some more because we ran out,” said White Cab general manager Claude Pierre Gagne.

“The Arabic community is ever expanding in Moncton, just like many other places, and of course we support local businesses and this is local and that’s why we want to support it and we have many drivers as well that are from the Arabic community.”

With his first issue released, Ettarnichi says he really wants to cover all of Atlantic Canada and even beyond with the online option.

“It’s not about paper, it’s not about ink, it’s about stories,” he said.

“It’s about nostalgia, it’s about something that’s linked to your heart and something that speaks to the heart and brings you back home.” Top Stories

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