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MADD Canada dress drive raises money for a good cause while spreading awareness


MADD Canada’s annual dress drive is underway, selling prom dresses at reduced prices to raise money for a good cause.

All the money raised from the dress drive goes toward supporting a family in Nova Scotia that has been impacted by impaired driving.

“Most importantly perhaps is the fact that with every child that comes up to get a dress, we speak to them and to maybe a parent who is with them, or an adult, and we ask them to make that promise to never get into a vehicle with someone who is impaired by cannabis, someone who's impaired by alcohol,” says volunteer Anissa MacLeod.

It's a cause that’s near to Tina Mason’s heart. She joined Madd four months after her son Dashonn was killed in a crash back in 2017.

“I joined because I didn't want another mother to get that phone call,” Mason says. “If I can stop one other mom from getting that call, that's my goal.”

People shop for prom dresses at the MADD Canada dress drive. (CTV/Jonathan MacInnis)

According to stats from the Nova Scotia RCMP, 830 impaired driving charges were laid in 2023 in the province.

Officials with MADD Canada say statistics show that there has been an increase in the amount of crashes caused by impaired driving under the influence of cannabis since it was legalized.

The dress drive will continue Sunday at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth.

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