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Maritime musician Matt Minglewood brings fans on a journey 'Thru the Years'


Maritime musician Matt Minglewood is taking fans on a walk down memory lane with his new tour.

Minglewood’s new tour, titled ‘Thru the Years’ is now underway, and his first stop is the Bruce Guthro Theatre at Casino Nova Scotia on Saturday.

The 77-year-old New Brunswick-born, Cape Breton-raised artist has spent most of his life on stage.

“Right away early, I did my first concert when I was four,” said Minglewood in an interview with CTV’s Katie Kelly on Friday.

Born as Roy Alexander Batherson, Minglewood said he did not create the stage name on his own.

“I didn’t really want a stage name, but they gave it to me and I think Minglewood came from an album by Grateful Dead,” he said.

Minglewood has been in the music scene for around six decades, and he says he is still loving every minute.

“I’ll leave the stage and I’m sweating and people will say when are you going to retire, you’re looking at it, this is it,” he added.

His voice has also stood the test of time.

“As a matter of fact I think it got better, maybe I’m not pushing it as hard, it actually sounds better than I did 30 years ago,” he said.

While he has been performing since he was a kid, Minglewood says the nerves are still very present, and he can be found backstage pacing 20 minutes before each show.

Once he steps into the spotlight, Minglewood says it’s all about his audience.

“I just hope I’ve brought some joy to people’s lives and made people think about things once in a while,” he said.

Minglewood said he still loves every minute of performing, and he can’t wait to perform at Casino Nova Scotia on Saturday to take fans on a journey “Thru the Years.”

“There’s so many songs that I have to do, and thankfully love doing them,” he said.

Minglewood’s tour will take him to Casino Nova Scotia on Saturday before going to the Fredericton Playhouse on April 12 and then Casino New Brunswick in Moncton on April 13.

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