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Maritimes to see heavy rain and strong winds Monday

People in Halifax walk through heavy rain on Sept. 13, 2023. (CTV/Jonathan MacInnis) People in Halifax walk through heavy rain on Sept. 13, 2023. (CTV/Jonathan MacInnis)

A strengthening low pressure system will move out of the northeastern U.S., across northern New Brunswick, and over the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec on Monday.

With the Maritimes on the eastern side of the system, rain and a high and gusty southerly wind is expected. Heavier snow from the storm across eastern Quebec and into Labrador.

A strong low moves through Maine and towards northern New Brunswick Monday. High wind and heavy rain expected for parts of the Maritimes. (CTV/Kalin Mitchell)The wind is likely to be the most widespread issue for the Maritimes. Strong from the south it may peak with gusts of 70 to 110 km/h. The strongest of the gusts, those approaching or exceeding 100 km/h, are most likely for exposed areas of the coast and higher terrain.

Similar weather systems with similar strength winds have caused power outages in the region in the past. Likewise, similar strength winds have caused delays or restrictions to transportation services in the region including bridges and ferry service.

Based on current timing the stronger winds arrive in southwestern New Brunswick and southwestern Nova Scotia Monday morning. From there it develops west-to-east across the Maritimes through the day. The wind then gradually diminishes Monday evening and night with Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island out of the stronger winds last. It would be a good idea to secure loose, easily wind blown objects such as holiday decorations before Monday.

The stronger southerly wind arriving in the southwest of the region Monday morning. Strong winds then develop west-to-east through the day. (CTV/Kalin Mitchell)Rain looks to range 10 to 30 mm for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Heavier rain is a risk for New Brunswick. Some guidance showing possible totals reaching or exceeding 50 mm for areas of that province. A snowfall of 5 to 10 cm may follow the rain for the northwestern corner of New Brunswick Monday evening and night.

Something to keep in mind with the rain. We do have snow and ice on the ground, as that melts it could add to runoff. The ground is also frozen and that limits its ability to absorb rainfall. We do have above freezing temperatures in the forecast Sunday and into Sunday night which will hopefully allow for some of the snow and ice to melt before the rain arrives in earnest on Monday.

The greatest chance of rain totals approaching or exceeding 50 mm is in New Brunswick. Heavy snow from the system is a risk for eastern Quebec and Labrador. (CTV/Kalin Mitchell)A number of watches have been posted by the National Weather Service in the state of Maine ahead of the storm including a Flood Watch and High Wind Watch. As of 4 p.m. Friday no weather alerts had been issued for the Maritimes by Environment Canada. It is recommended to check on the Monday forecast for your area at least a few times through the weekend. Top Stories

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