After an extensive two-day search, a missing New Brunswick senior has been found alive.

Mary Black says her mother, 87-year-old Hazel Clark, was found 15 to 20 feet from a dirt road in the woods, about 1 kilometre from her home in Havelock, N.B., early Tuesday evening.

Black says, from what she understands, a rescue dog picked up her mother’s scent. When crews found her, Black says Clark was sitting up. Clark was found in an area where crews say they had searched several times over.

“She was found alive. She’s responding, she’s disoriented, but she’s still not to the point where we can’t rule out a medical emergency,” said New Brunswick RCMP Sgt. Dale Morgan.

Minnie Estabrooks says her mother was swollen and missing her teeth and glasses, along with a shoe, but appeared to be otherwise OK.

“I talked to her. She’s alert, she’s talking,” said Estabrooks. “She looks amazing for being in the woods.”

Clark was taken to the Moncton Hospital to be assessed.

Earlier Tuesday, Clark’s daughters had said they were growing increasingly worried about their mother, who they feared may have wandered off into the woods.

Clark had last been seen at her home on Springhill Road around 10 a.m. Sunday. She was reported missing to police that evening.

Police did receive information that Clark had been spotted on Route 880, early Sunday evening, but investigators have determined that it wasn’t Clark, but another individual.

Black said her mother has been exhibiting dementia-like symptoms for a few years, and they were worried she may have gone for a walk and lost her way.

Estabrooks said her mother rarely strayed too far from home, and she left her purse and keys behind.

“It seems to me like she just decided to go outside, like you would in your own home,” said Estabrooks.

“Her purse is here and the door was open. It wasn’t locked, and that’s unusual for her,” said Black.

RCMP officers, police dog services, and members of the Tri-County, Greater Fundy, York-Sunbury, and Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue teams, spent two days searching the Havelock area. A drone from the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization was also used in the search.