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'All I want to know is where he is': Moncton-area woman pleads for help in finding missing brother


The red Dodge Caravan parked in Sharron MacDonald’s driveway is providing more questions than answers when it comes to finding her missing brother.

“Nine days have gone by -- nine days at 9:20 [Monday] morning -- and I’m holding onto a little bit of hope, but as time goes by, I’m preparing for the worst,” she said.

The van, which has a smashed window and broken mirror, belonged to her 72-year-old brother Brian Lewis, who was last seen on March 18 on Park Street in Moncton.

“Brian is about five-foot-six, he weighs about 125 pounds and he has blue eyes and he has a mustache with grey hair. He was wearing a black jacket and a pair of jeans, and I think he had a ball cap,” said MacDonald.

She noted that Lewis doesn’t have a licence, but did have access to his car, which was eventually found in the Searsville area, near Sussex.

While it’s concerning and unusual that Lewis hasn’t been in frequent contact with his sister, his ongoing health issues are causing heightened concern as his family searches for answers.

“His walker is still in the car and his cane,” said MacDonald. “Brian is unable to get around very well, he has a very bad back and nerve damage in his legs, he’s a diabetic and he hasn’t had any of his medications since he left the home.”

MacDonald added that his bank account has remained untouched. There’s been no sign of him at the local pharmacy either.

She said that Lewis is a Type 1 diabetic and although he hasn’t been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, it does run in the family.

Codiac RCMP are asking for the public’s help in locating Lewis.

Cpl David Swansburg says it’s believed that the car was broken into after it was found and it isn’t being considered suspicious at this time.

Swansburg also told CTV News that a ground search and rescue took place in the Sussex area, but nothing was found and that they are following up on every tip that’s coming in.

“It’s the not knowing that’s so hard,” said MacDonald. “If we only knew one way or the other we could deal with whatever we have to deal with. So please, anybody, will you please call the RCMP if you see Brian or know of his whereabouts.”

“All I want to know is where he is. I just want to know where he is.” Top Stories

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