MONCTON, N.B. -- The Moncton SPCA says it's in need of donations after an influx of animals this year. The shelter is encouraging people to help some of their animals find a forever home.

"We have a lot of every animal right now but our biggest need right now is for bunnies and for cats," said Michelle Roy, the Moncton SPCA community engagement manager.

Roy said they're in the middle of 'kitten season' right now which means lots of kittens and rabbits looking for a home.

With roughly 200 animals, the shelter is almost at full capacity.

"We're in a big need right now for kitten food. Cat wet food and bunny food and dish soap too because with feeding all those animals come a lot of dishes for us."

At the height of the pandemic there was an increase in adoptions but animal attendant Katelyn Martin says there's now concern about what the future could hold.

"I'm worried about what's going to happen next year. Since more people will be able to travel and get back to work, especially dogs are when you will see more being returned," said Martin.  For this reason, the SPCA is encouraging people to adopt or foster a pet if they can.

"We really encourage everyone to foster," said Roy.

Marvin says this is the best time of year to get an animal. "We are full of cats, kittens, we have a lot right now that are available. If you're looking at adopting, the older ones are good to adopt because they're less likely to be adopted."