The first Syrian refugee family to land in Moncton arrived earlier than expected Tuesday because of the storm. 

A dozen flights carrying government-sponsored refugees have already landed in Canada. Nine more are expected to land by Friday.

Immigration strategy officer Angelique Reddy-Kalala feels the city is ready.

“There is housing available across our community,” she said. “Apartments have been identified in housing units.”

Moncton is one of 36 cities across the country ready to welcome Syrian refugees

“As long as we have the resources to accommodate, why not?” said Moncton resident Casey Howard. “I've been here my entire life, (it’s) a great place to live.”

Moncton accepts 75 refugees from various countries every year. The city is preparing to welcome six times that amount – up to 400.

Reddy-Kalala says there's more to welcoming the refugees than just making sure they have a roof over their heads.

“Everywhere from the health networks to the school districts to the Multicultural Association of Greater Moncton area,” said Reddy-Kalala. “The three cities are working in collaboration to make sure that all of the needs of our new residents will be met when they do arrive.”

Another family will be in Moncton before the end of the week.

With files from CTV's Jonathan MacInnis.