A Moncton woman is fuming after two city workers allegedly urinated while grooming a city park used by residents and children in the middle of the day.

Amy Jay says she saw one City of Moncton Parks and Recreation worker relieve himself in Jubilee Park, which is located across from her house, Monday afternoon.

Shocked by what she saw, Jay turned on her cellphone and started filming.

“If you look straight between the two yellow poles, they were right where the tall trees start and they walked up the tree line, they didn’t go into the tree line,” says Jay.

“We could clearly see what he was doing. He was out in the open. He never looked around before he went in along the treeline.”

Jay says a second employee then did the same thing, after consulting with the first.

“Everybody pees outside, but there is a discretion issue,” she says. “There is always seniors or somebody with their dog or study dates, kids playing.”

She says it isn’t the act itself that has her fuming, as much as the fact that it was done so publicly, with one employee telling the other it was OK.

The city won’t get into specifics, citing privacy issues, but emailed the following statement to CTV News:

“We cannot disclose or reprimand any action taken with an employee as this is a personnel and a privacy issue.

The city has work rules and regulations (conduct in the workplace) that establish appropriate behaviour. This speaks to a display of professionalism and accepted standards of conduct in the workplace. In addition, when an employee joins the corporation, orientation sessions are given.”

Jay says she wants an assurance that workers will be more discreet in the future, but not all residents feel as strongly about the incident.

“I think as long as he had his back to the houses, that it’s not a big deal. He was facing the bushes,” says Kirsten Gargan.

“I think as long as nothing was showing, that it is a normal bodily function and it should not be shamed,” says Molly Hope.

“What offended me was…they did not go in at all to the tree line,” says Jay. “They stood at the edge of the tree line and didn’t even look around.”

Public urination is punishable with a fine in many Canadian cities.

With files from CTV Atlantic's David Bell