People who live along the St. John River in New Brunswick continued to keep a close eye on waterlevels Monday.

They are expected to remain high, especially with more rain in the forecast.

A weekend of rain kept many on edge in the area, and while nerves may now be more settled, officials say it's too early to declare all is clear.

New Brunswick’s Emergency Measures Organization says the expected heavy rains did end up falling this past weekend.

“The situation was pretty stable - even through the weekend despite all the rain we got,” says Roger Duguay with EMO.

On Monday, the gates were wide open at the dam in St. George, helping to take the pressure off the swollen river.

“For now, there is some improvement, but again it’s going to be slow,” says Duguay. “It’s never finished until it’s finished, we learned that from the past.”

EMO says it won’t be comfortable until there are several dry days and once the St. John River returns below flood stage.

Marian Langus has been watching water lap up against her bed and breakfast in Gagetown for days.

“When I see the corner of that picnic table I am going to be thrilled,” says Langus.

For now, she is continuing to keep an eye on water levels in her basement.

“If it goes too low, and you just go nuts and pump all the water out of your basement, well then, the walls can come crashing in and you don’t want that.”

Several roads remained closed Monday for residents that did not live in blocked off areas along the river. More roads are expected to re-open by the end of the day; but Route 105 in the Maugerville-Sheffield area is expected to remain closed.

Officials also continue to warn people to stay off the river, after many boats and kayaks were spotted on the river on the weekend.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore