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N.S. man wins $1.5M through Atlantic Lottery


A Cape Breton man won $1.5 million after buying $200-worth of Atlantic Lottery Scratch’N Win tickets.

According to a news release from Atlantic Lottery, Russell Musgrave from Boularderie Centre won Super Set for Life, an Atlantic Canada exclusive.

“I asked the cashier if there was anything new, and she showed me that one, so I asked how much for a whole pack of them,” Musgrave said in the release. “She checked and said it would be $400 for the entire package, so I said, ‘Well, give me $200 worth of them.’

“That (winning) ticket had to be the first ticket she took out of the package. What are the chances of that?”

Musgrave said he plans to use the money to pay off his daughter’s mortgage, renovate his home, and help his loved ones.

Musgrave bought his winning ticket at Brewer’s Convenience in North Sydney, which also handed out a Super Set for Life top prize to Pat and Cline Lettice in April 2023.

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