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Order up: McDonald’s opens new spot on Quinpool Road in Halifax


After a five-month break, the Big Macs are back on Quinpool Road in Halifax.

The golden arches opened its new location just steps away from its old spot, which originally launched in 1981 and finally closed last January.

“I love the people I work with, but I love the customers,” said Angela Cromwell, a 29-year employee. “You get to know them and you get to know their orders and little things about their life.

“It’s kind of like family.”

Franchisee owner Mark Nelson and his team are celebrating their return by giving money to Shelter Movers Nova Scotia this weekend. A portion of all menu sales will be donated.

“Shelter Movers Nova Scotia is just celebrating five years of great work in the community,” said Michelle Tupy with the organization. “We’re very grateful that Mark has decided to give some money. We provide free moving and storage services to help women and children flee from abuse.”

The interior of the new building contains some familiar sights for longtime customers.

“Yeah, we do have a nod to the old mural,” Nelson said. “The artist drew that mural in 1994 and of course it drew lots of attention over the years and we thought it would be fitting to bring a little bit over to our new location.

“There are so many memories, so many generations of people that have come here for late night meals, late morning meals, weekends with their families, so it was really important we could bring a little bit of that over here as well.”

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