The mother of a three-year-old boy diagnosed with Lyme disease says she is being harassed on social media since making a public plea for help.

Kayla Lambert says some Facebook users are accusing her of lying about her son's condition and says many of the things being said about Noah are simply not true.

"That he wasn't sick. That it was a scam that we were doing," says Lambert

Lambert says the allegations are making an already stressful situation nearly unbearable.

She recently went public with fundraising efforts to get treatment for Noah for what she and doctors believe is Lyme disease.

However, some people on social media have started questioning her motives, even accusing her of altering a photo of her son and artificially creating a tell-tale dot on his forehead, which is associated with the disease.

"At the same time the picture was taken, the medical reports say Noah had a bite," adds Lambert.

Lambert says she has filed a harassment complaint with police.

Meanwhile, Noah’s treatments in New York are being fast-tracked. His appointment was an American specialist was initially scheduled for May but now it has been pushed up to later this month.

"She fears it's eating away at joints of his knees and that it's infecting his brain because he's taking seizures, slurring his words,” she says.

When Noah first displayed symptoms, his mother says she consulted with numerous doctors closer to home, but none diagnosed him with Lyme disease.

Experts say 95 per cent of cases can be successfully treated with four weeks of antibiotics, but Lambert says Noah is past that stage and Canada doesn’t have any protocols beyond that.

Lambert says New York specialists have told her, without treatment, the disease could eventually cut Noah’s lifespan in half.

With files from CTV’s Ryan MacDonald