A second assault charge has been laid against a 69-year-old man from Acadieville, N.B.

Bruce Randolph Van Horlick left the Moncton courthouse today after being charged with assault in connection with a second incident at the Georges-Dumont Hospital.

He was originally charged with assault causing bodily harm in the case of Natasha Poirier, a nurse at the hospital.

Police arrested the 69-year-old last week after a second complaint was made related to the incident in March.

Poirier's mother, Norma Melanson, attended today's court appearance.

"It's scary to work in a hospital and you're not in a secure environment when you're working," Melanson said. "You shouldn't have to think about these things. And another thing, also, which is upsetting, everybody maintains silence in a situation like this. We have to come forward and talk about these matters if we want to have social changes."

Van Horlick has yet to enter a plea. He will return to Moncton court Aug. 6.