A Maritime curler is travelling across Canada to shine a spotlight on the future of small-town curling clubs and help restore the one he grew up in.

The curling club in Harvey Station, N.B. has long been a winter hub in the village, but curlers Rob Swan and Lisa Steven are worried about its future.

The building was built in 1961 and, while structurally sound, it needs some updates, including hooking it up to the village’s water and sewer lines.

“It’s always been an ongoing love of the sport that’s kept this club going,” says Steven. “There are cosmetic issues to take care of and those are sort of our priority right now because we have to keep our membership up and more attendance.”

Low attendance translates into less revenue, so Swan came up with an idea to support the sport in his hometown.

“I am attempting to curl 100 games across 100 clubs in Canada,” he says. “I’m starting October 7, curling 24 to 30 games in Winnipeg alone.”

Swan plans to travel to curling clubs across the Maritimes as well as in Ontario and Alberta. He says he will even bring his curling club’s cause to the Brier in Calgary, as a spectator.

He says he has been in contact with several curling clubs across the country, and many are facing the similar issues.

“I have emailed approximately 120 curling clubs across the country, asking for one game, no money, just the one game, and our supporters here in the curling club are out getting sponsors,” says Swan.

“We don’t want to lose this club. In this area alone, we have had three clubs go under for whatever reason, they could not survive. This club is going to survive and we’re going to make sure it carries on for years.”

Swan will chronicle his travels online, where donations can also be made.

Fundraising will kick off this weekend with a dance in the village, before Swan begins his cross-country journey.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Nick Moore