A well-known Fredericton radio personality has been arrested in Puerto Rico after he allegedly asked an FBI officer posing online as a 13-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity at a beach.

According to court documents sworn by special agent Brian O'Sullivan, an FBI agent was working undercover when they posted a meme on a messaging application called Whisper on Sunday.

The meme read: “Just a girl in PR who is booooored.”

The documents state that someone by the username “in Carolina” responded to the post and they began chatting. The documents also state that the “girl” clearly stated that she was 13 years old, but “in Carolina” didn’t express any concerns about her age, and they continued to chat.

“They discussed meeting at night to engage in criminal sexual activity – specifically that the [online covert employee] would perform oral sex on ‘in Carolina,’” the documents state.

The FBI says the pair moved their conversation to another messaging app called KiK, where they allegedly talked about her sneaking out of her parents’ house and meeting at Pine Grove Beach, so she could perform oral sex on him.

According to the documents, the man also broached the possibility of engaging in sexual intercourse with the girl, whose age came up again in conversation.

“I’m feeling a little naughty…seeing that your 13 and all,” read one of the alleged messages.

The documents state that the pair decided that, once his roommate and her parents had fallen asleep, she would take a taxi to Pine Grove Beach, and that he would pay for her cab fare.

The man allegedly expressed concern about the text messages and asked the girl to delete them, and also instructed her to clear her cache and history.

The FBI says the man messaged the girl around 12:15 a.m. Wednesday to let her know his roommate had fallen asleep. He then allegedly sent her two Google images depicting the exact path he wanted her to take to enter the beach.

Once the FBI surveillance and arrest teams were in place, the undercover officer messaged the man to say the girl had arrived. The man allegedly told her to flash her phone light so he could see her.

As the man walked toward the light, he was arrested by FBI officers and taken into custody in San Juan.

The FBI says the man told them he believed the undercover officer was a 13-year-old girl and that they had chatted on Whisper and KiK. He allegedly told them he had gone to the beach so she could perform oral sex on him and that he had instructed her to delete her text messages.

“He repeatedly stated that he knew his conduct was wrong,” the documents state.

Trevor Doyle has been charged with attempted sexual enticement of a minor.

The 44-year-old man is being held in custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Puerto Rico. He is due to appear in court Monday afternoon.

Conviction on the charge carries a minimum prison sentence of 10 years to a maximum of life.

Doyle is the longtime morning show host on Capital 106.9 FM in Fredericton.

The station is owned by Bell Media, which also owns and operates CTV Atlantic.

Trent McGrath, the vice-president of Bell Media Radio Atlantic, confirmed that Doyle has been suspended from Capital FM.

None of the allegations have been tested in court.