Community-based organizations are protesting in Fredericton Monday to put an end to the use of hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking.

This issue of shale gas stopped before it had even started in Nova Scotia and has now moved on to the New Brunswick neighbours.

Fracking is a process that pumps sand, water and toxic chemicals into the ground to release natural gas. The concern expressed by organizations is the volume of water and the chemicals involved.

Some of the mixture leaves the ground and other parts remain in the soil forever.

The Fredericton march takes place as part of an Atlantic Day of Fraction. The organizations are protesting that shale gas is not welcome in their communities.

"Shale gas exploration and development threaten our home," said Stephanie Merrill of CCNB Action, in a press release.

"We are lucky, for most, our province – our home – is supported by clean drinking water, pristine rivers and lakes, fresh air, and green fields," concluded Merrill.

The march began at the Old Burial Grounds. Marchers will parade to Legislature.