HALIFAX -- Cannabis edibles are coming to Nova Scotia on Dec. 23 – or at least that's the plan.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) says the full shipment of products has yet to arrive, so they're still sorting out what will be available in stores.

Stores have been remodeled and staff trained to make the way for edible cannabis, just in time for Christmas.

Twelve NSLC stores are ready to sell cannabis edibles extracts and vape products. One store in Halifax is a standalone facility, which means it does not sell alcohol -- just cannabis and cannabis accessories.

"There's more storage, there's more display space, and there's more space that's more accessible," said NSLC spokesperson Jennifer Gray.

Cannabis edibles are scheduled to be available in some NSLC stores on Monday morning.

So far, the products being shipped have yet to arrive, so what exactly will be available is not yet known.

But Gray says all staff have been trained to handle all edible products.

"Our employees are poised to sell the new line of cannabis and they've received online training and a vendor day where employees got together and with other vendors and shared their stories and best practices," Gray said.

Even with the uncertainty surrounding what products will be in stores next week, the Nova Scotia edible market is still well ahead of several other provinces.

"If you compare Nova Scotia with Ontario Alberta, B.C. and Newfoundland, we're going to have access to legalized edibles way before those provinces," says Dalhousie University professor Sylvain Charlebois.

Ontario isn't even close.

"For Ontario we're looking at end of January or early February," said Charlebois.

Once these new edible products become available healthcare experts are urging caution and extra care.

"Start at very low doses and don't take more because you don't think it's working -- and label it," said IWK poison specialist Laurie Mosher

Mosher is also asking people who purchase edibles to not leave them lying around.

"There are new problems with the cannabis edibles," Mosher said. "Just make sure you keep it away from people."

Mosher also says an idea for this Christmas season could be a lock box.

She says a box with a lock and key is a good way to ensure edible and other cannabis products stay out of harm's way and especially away from young people.