A young Cape Breton boy is turning his passion for woodworking into a money-making endeavor, with his latest creation benefitting a child in need.

Marc Timmons’s fascination with woodworking ignited a little less than a year ago, during a trip to British Columbia.

“There was a carving competition out there for five days,” says the 11-year-old Port Hawkesbury, N.S. resident. “I watched it for pretty much the five days, came back, and I wanted to try it.”

Marc uses a chainsaw to carve out his unique creations, spending countless hours after school and on weekends in his work area behind his backyard shed.

“He loves to be outside, number one, you couldn’t keep him in. He’s definitely an outside kid,” says his mother, Daunette Timmons. “Wouldn’t matter if it was hunting, fishing, he just loves to be out.”

Marc spent his March break apprenticing in Saint John under noted carver Joel Palmer, who taught him techniques to improve his work.

“The head was too flat so he kind of cut it down that way and that way,” explains Marc, motioning to an impressive wood carving of a bear. “The face was flat too, so he kinda cut it that way.”

Marc is now selling his creations at the local farmer’s market and on social media, under the name Saw Marcs.

“At Christmas, I got my own business from my mom and dad. Ever since then, I started selling carvings,” he says. “I got my Facebook page going – Saw Marcs – T-shirts and stuff.”

He is also using his hobby to raise money for a special cause, by auctioning off his very first bear carving to support a two-year-old girl with leukemia.

“He just decided one day, after he had heard about Ione Bartlett - here from Port Hawkesbury, who was diagnosed with leukemia - he wanted to do something special,” says Daunette.

She says his new hobby is also helping him build self-confidence.

“It’s definitely bringing out his creative side. He’s been working hard.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ryan MacDonald