As Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida’s peninsula, a family from the Tantallon area of Halifax was left stranded at Walt Disney World without a flight home on Sunday.

Tom Stears, who’s visiting Florida with Melissa Dauphinee and their three children, told CTV News he’s unsure when he and his family will be able to fly home.

He says many guests at the resort are feeling anxious and Disney staff is facing long lineups at every turn, including booking rooms.

Guests will be asked to observe a curfew in their rooms when the storm moves into the area.

Stears says Walt Disney World is even allowing dogs to stay at the resort for the time being.

Children are currently barred from the main streets, so the Disney arcade is packed with kids playing video games.

The park rarely closes under any circumstances but contingency plans have become necessary.

The Canadian Emergency Watch and Response Centre has processed nearly 1,800 phone calls and emails related to hurricanes Irma and José.

There are more than 9,000 Canadians registered with the service in that part of the world, but officials note registration is voluntary; therefore, there’s no way of knowing how many Canadians are affected.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko.