Police in Nova Scotia are reminding pet owners to leave their furry friends at home while running errands this summer.

Since June 1, RCMP across the province have received 69 complaints about animals being left unattended in vehicles.

Police say the interior of vehicles can heat up quickly, making it intolerable for both animals and people.

"We continue to educate people about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars but we're still seeing individuals leaving their pets unattended in vehicles on hot days," said Halifax District RCMP Cpl. Dal Hutchinson in a statement.

"It's really not worth the risk of putting your furry friend in distress or danger. It's best to leave your pet at home."

Anyone who spots an animal that appears to be in distress is encouraged to track down the owner of the vehicle by visiting nearby stores and using the licence plate to have them paged. If they are unable to find the owner, they should call police and stay at the vehicle until the officer arrives.