HALIFAX -- More of those 35 dogs which were seized in December from an alleged puppy mill are looking for homes.

The Nova Scotia SPCA says while they have found a place for the majority of the Jack Russells that were sized, 16 border collies require more specialized care.

"Most of them enjoy affection, but they startled easy," said Sandra Flemming of the Nova Scotia SPCA's provincial director of animal care. "Doing some drug trials to see if that helps with anxiety. We have a spectrum of border collies that we still have to place."

Karin Robertson has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty. She is due in a Kentville courtroom on Tuesday.

Flemming said the dogs that are up for adoption will require very special homes.

“Learning simple everyday tasks – like walking on a leash or accepting human touch – is still a work in progress for many of these animals," she said. "Many of these dogs will experience house-training issues since some have never lived in a home. The right family situation – foster or forever – will need to be a special place to make this a positive experience for the dog and the family.”

The SPCA said all of the dogs require homes that meet the following criteria:

  • Suburban or rural location with minimal traffic, noise and other stimuli,
  • A quiet home with no children under 16, a reliable routine and very few extra people coming and going,
  • Experience with dogs, especially with Border Collies or other similarly active and intelligent breeds,
  • A family with time and patience for working on the rehabilitation plan, attend training classes and regularly consult with the team at the SPCA, and
  • A fenced yard would be considerable asset towards achieving the rehabilitation goals.

"Families who are interested in providing a forever home, or a foster home now with the intent to become the adoptive family will take priority," a news release from the SPCA said.

If you meet the minimum criteria and are interested in becoming a family to one of these dogs, please apply online at http://www.novascotiaspca.ca/bordercollies/