A small family owned bakery in Alma, New Brunswick, says their busiest day of the year lands on the province’s birthday.

On Monday, people travelled to the village from across the province for New Brunswick Day, which is also known by Alma locals as ‘Sticky Bun Day.’

Aaron Elliott, who works as a baker at the shop, says he had to get up early to start his day off at the bakery around 4 a.m.

"I was brought up in the bakery, so I don't know anything different,” says Elliot. “I’ve been in the bakery for 36 years.”

‘Sticky Bun Day’ goes back half a century and the treats are still made from a recipe the previous owners developed. The sign on the store says, it’s “the home of the sticky bun.”

"It's made from a dough that's just like Gramdma used to make and the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture on top, that makes the ooey gooey sugary goodness on top, and we only use a certain brand of cinnamon in the sticky buns and certain brand of yeast, we're loyal to those and we'll never change,” says baker, Angela Elliott.

The bakery served over 3,000 sticky buns on the provincial holiday this year.

Visiting Florida resident, Laurie Daley says one sticky bun wasn’t enough.

"We came back a second day in a row and the cinnamon is just perfectly in with the sugars and it's just delicious,” she says.

The bakery even uses the same 50 year-old ovens to make the traditional treat.

"It's been roughly 50 years and the sticky bun hasn't changed,” says Aaron Elliot. “We wouldn't change the recipe. We make it the same way. If it isn't broke, you wouldn't think about fixing it."

With files from CTV’s Mike Cameron.