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No timeline yet for work to begin on road connecting N.B. communities


Little has changed since CTV News last visited the site of a road closure on New Brunswick's Route 106 just over a month ago.

It’s the main link between the communities of Sackville, N.B., and Dorchester, N.B., but heavy rains in late March damaged the culvert causing the closure on April 1.

There is a detour on a nearby secondary road, but it’s narrow and parts of it are in rough shape.

Residents in the area want the culvert fixed and are frustrated work has yet to begin.

Darlene Turner is the manager of Gitpu Tobacco and Gas, which is located just a few kilometres away from the closure.

“It impacts us a lot. Even deliveries are late because they have to go all the way around too,” said Turner. “The sales have been impacted a great deal. If everyone’s going around, they’re not going by.”

Richard Robichaud-Logan lives in Memramcook, N.B., and said the detour is a bit of a hassle for him.

“Everything from travel distance to work, to leaving early, to gas prices. It’s a big impact not only on myself but a lot of people in the community too,” said Robichaud-Logan.

A section of Route 106 in New Brunswick, which links Sackville and Dorchester, is seen in a picture taken on May 6, 2024.

Dorchester resident Geoffrey Hargreaves is also frustrated and is worried about the safety of people in the area.

“The impact of the road being closed on me personally is the wear and tear on my car, the cost of gasoline and the extra time,” said Hargreaves. “If somebody gets sick or hurt around here, it’s going to take a lot longer for the ambulance and stuff to get to them.”

Nicole Porter is the Mi’kmaq cultural coordinator at nearby Fort Folly First Nation.

She said the community is planning a fundraising event to raise money for an upcoming youth powwow.

“We want the public to come out and support that, support our bake sales, support our youth,” said Porter. “That is up in the air on how successful that will be. Also, for National Indigenous People’s Day coming June 21, we’re now having it here in the community instead of Sackville. We’re inviting guests to come, but they’re going to have to detour around if this road doesn’t get fixed.”

According to NB 511, the provincial website that updates residents on traffic and construction projects, the government is anticipating work will be completed by May 31, but it hasn’t been updated since April 2.

“They’ve put May 31 on the website, but I don’t think that is likely at this point,” said Megan Mitton, the MLA for Tantramar-Memramcook. “We don’t know how long it’s going to take. It would be nice to have that information.”

The Green MLA said her constituents are concerned and the detour is a major inconvenience for them.

“It’s closed for the foreseeable future. It is inconvenient for travelling. There’s concerns about safety. I think there’s worry about the oncoming tourism season,” said Mitton.

Mitton said she’s spoken with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) about the repair work and has urged them, without cutting corners on safety, to see how things can move faster.

“This is a priority,” she said.

DTI spokesperson Jason Hoyt said plans are still being discussed for a replacement culvert.

"However there is currently no timeline for work to commence," he said in an email.

Hoyt said there a signed detour available using Woodlawn and King roads and motorists can continue to get updates by checking NB 511.

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