One of the suspects arrested after the bizarre incident that closed the Canada-U.S. border at Woodstock on Friday made a brief court appearance on Monday.

CTV News has learned that 21-year-old Bailey Roy of Halifax was handed over to the RCMP and appeared in at the Carleton County Courthouse in Woodstock late in the afternoon.

Two Halifax-area men – Bailey and another man whose name has yet to be released -- were arrested by U.S. authorities after a car abruptly-stopped in an area between the two countries and refused to speak with border agents from either side.

Police say the other man who was arrested Friday is a 22-year-old man from Middle Sackville, N.S.

Friday’s incident was and unusual occurrence that inconvenienced a great many people at the busy border-crossing between Woodstock, N.B. and Houlton, Maine. The trouble started around 10:15 a.m. when a mystery vehicle simply stopped in the no-man’s land between the two countries.

Police say the two men refused to speak to police or border service agents and refused to get out of their car.

That resulted in an unusual standoff of sorts, which lasted more than six hour and prompted authorities to shut down the border for more than 12 hours.

Traffic ground to a halt and many motorists were urged to find another border crossing or wait.

Police say that at about 4:20 p.m. Friday, the vehicle headed toward the U.S. side, and U.S. customs officers arrested the two men.

With the men in custody on the U.S. side, it was anticipated their court appearances would be in that country. None were scheduled.

At Woodstock Provincial Court on Monday afternoon, Bailey Roy was charged with willfully obstructing a peace officer engaged in the execution of their duties.

The appearance was brief, and Roy remains in custody.

Sources tell CTV News the second man -- whose name hasn't been released -- remains detained by U.S. authorities.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko and Jessica Ng.