SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- Each November, Canadians take the time to come together and honour those who served and sacrificed for their country.

Now, a project led by two New Brunswickers will honour veterans each day leading up to Remembrance Day.

Debbie Cyr's family has stepped up to serve its country for generations, beginning with her great-grandfather

“He had five sons, all served in the First and Second World War with him,” explains Cyr. “Then my mom became a reservist, and from her, three of her children became either reservists or in the military."

This year, Cyr's grandfather Joseph Little and his service is being honoured through an online project called "We Will Remember Them," posted to the Facebook page Saint John Remembers.

It’s a 100-day countdown leading to Remembrance Day, with each day showcasing a different veteran from the Second World War.

“He served again with his five brothers and his dad, and he really was a leader,” Cyr says, describing her grandfather. “He became a firearm after the war, and worked for the city of Saint John Fire Department, and he was really great.”

A daily post to Facebook includes a photograph of the veteran and a write-up detailing their journey.

“We asked ‘share some information,’ because I don’t want to do 100 veterans that I know, if we have the opportunity to expand our knowledge, like getting the Buck family, or the Cyr family,” says Harold Wright, co-founder of the "We Will Remember Them" project.

The project is now in its third year, with plans to continue until 2024, to mark the centennial of the formation of the Royal Canadian Air Force.