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Parks Canada offers unique work opportunity on Sable Island


Parks Canada is on the lookout for an operations manager to work and live on Sable Island.

The island is a thin crescent of sand in the ocean, located 290 kilometres southeast of Halifax. It is home to grey seals, many species of birds and the Sable Island wild horses.

Geordie Mott, owner of Picture Perfect Tours which takes guests to Sable Island, said the job would be an unbelievable opportunity for the right candidate.

“I feel very jealous. If I didn't have a wife and nine-year-old daughter, I’d be furiously updating my LinkedIn profile right now,” Mott said.

Mott said while the island is incredible, working and living there will likely come with challenges.

“You'd have to be resilient, you'd have to be flexible, you'd have to have an appreciation for what mother nature and the ocean can throw at you,” he said.

In 2013, Jan-Sebastien La Pierre, the president of outdoors group A is For Adventure, paddled more than 175 kilometres to Sable Island. La Pierre said what’s remarkable about the island is the “remoteness” of it.

“The whole of the North Atlantic is colliding into that sandbar out there,” said La Pierre.

According to the Parks Canada job description, the successful hire will stay at the island’s main station. The station was built in the 1940s and comes with modern amenities like TV and internet.

A big part of this job includes checking beaches, setting up runways and providing ground support for plane and helicopter landings.

The deadline to apply is May 28. 

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