HALIFAX -- Reaction is mixed to the idea of the Maritimes helping Ontario through a devastating third wave of COVID-19.

The prime minister has asked the premiers to look at re-allocating resources to the largest province and leaders in the Maritime provinces are looking into whether they can help without jeopardizing the health and safety of their citizens.

Some residents have mixed feelings about it.

"We should focus on us primarily, only us, keep our numbers down," said June Bond of Dartmouth.

But many nursing students in Nova Scotia say they'll consider going to Ontario if they're called upon.

"If I can take my passion of nursing and use it to help the most vulnerable people right now in places where COVID is hitting the worst, then I would definitely do that," said Shanelle Partington of Yarmouth, who is in the final year of her nursing program.

The premier of Nova Scotia says the province isn't in a position to reallocate vaccines, but health officials are looking into other resources.

Dr. Robyn MacQuarrie, the president of Doctors Nova Scotia, says they'll follow Dr. Strang's advice.

"Any time the province has come to Doctors Nova Scotia during the pandemic and asked for assistance, we've been happy to follow their leadership knowing that they're working hand in hand with public health officers," said MacQuarrie.

New Brunswick says any decision will be made with input from regional health authorities and the premier of Prince Edward Island also addressed Ottawa's request on Monday.

"We just committed to try to scour the province, you know, to find as many available bodies as possible," said Prince Edward Island Premier Dennis King.

P.E.I.'s Holland College is also working with the province to offer support.

"Some of the challenges would be some programs won't be finished until their academic side of things," said Holland College president Sandy MacDonald. "Classwork, practical, won't be finished until the end of June for example, others won't be finished until the end of May."

The prime minister says the federal government will cover all costs associated with getting any extra staff to Ontario.