SACKVILLE, N.B. -- Sackville's Waterfowl Park is one of the town's most popular destinations, but visitors to the park recently saw a scene of a more disturbing nature: satanic graffiti covering public walkways.

"They were spraying these pentagrams and 666 on the boardwalk," said Sackville Deputy Mayor Ron Aiken. "Andthey were spraying things over top of the directional signs."

The graffiti has been cleaned up and the mess is now snow-covered.

"Oh, I was quite appalled by it," Aiken said. "In so many ways it's disgusting to see that sort of thing. It ruins our park, that's really a highlight of the town and the people who spend their time doing that sort of thing is really disappointing."

Many who frequent the park are not impressed.

"I thought it was disgusting," said Tracy Moss. "This is a community park, it's used by a lot of town people and a lot of area people and there's no reason to do anything like that."

Photos have now been handed over to the RCMP who are investigating.

Moss called it "foolishness" and blamed "idiots with nothing better to do."

Some say the nature of the graffiti is disturbing.

"I have my son with me quite a bit, so for him to see that and start questioning me about it is kinda upsetting," said Justin Rayworth.

Over the summer, another park in Sackville was also vandalized. A military vehicle in Memorial Park was spray painted.

The deputy mayor says not only is this kind of vandalism unfortunate for those who walk through the park, it's also an unnecessary expense the town has to take care of.

"It's money that most municipalities these days don't have," Aiken said. "This kind of thing hits into other things we can do."