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Screen Nova Scotia awards to take place this weekend


The 10th annual Screen Nova Scotia awards is taking place this Saturday night at Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax.

The awards recognize and celebrate the talent, creativity, and passion of Nova Scotia’s film, television and animation industry.

“This is an event every year that celebrates the industry, but it’s also an opportunity for us to come together,” said Laura Mackenzie of Screen Nova Scotia in an interview with Katie Kelly on Friday. “We work on different productions, we have different roles and responsibilities, but this is a night where we come together and we have a good time and celebrate one another.”

Canadian actor Johnathan Torrens is the host of this year’s event.

“He is the best, it’s going to be so much fun. Were so excited to have him back. He did the first one ten years ago so it’s fitting that he is coming back,” said Mackenzie.

She said the COVID-19 pandemic gave the local film industry an opportunity to grow.

“The phone started ringing and we got incredibly busy. Now it feels like production is plentiful and it’s been getting busier and busier. This is going to be a very busy year and crews are going to be hustling,” she said.

“Our locations in Nova Scotia are absolutely stunning. We can place so many different locations, we got such a diversity of opportunities here.”

In 2022, the Nova Scotia government announced it is putting $23 million into local film production with $8 million being spent on a new sound stage. Mackenzie said they have been receiving the money.

“That money has been flowing and has gone into production and were seeing them come out this year. We have been looking on finding a location for the soundstage and have been working with the province. We have identified a piece of crown land were interested in. So we are slowly picking away at that, but it’s not finalized just yet,” she said.

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