Several Remembrance Day services in New Brunswick will be moving inside on Saturday due to forecasted frigid temperatures, sparking questions over whether this should happen every year.

The weather on Nov. 11 is difficult to pinpoint year-to-year, whether it be mild, cold, dry or wet.

“It was raining and miserable and a little chilly last year. I think people know the weather they just dress for it,” says Fredericton Legion branch president Don Swain.

Remembrance Day ceremonies are held under a roof in Saint John, Sydney and Moncton.

“For the elderly people and folks who have trouble getting out, it makes sense,” says Swain. “So I guess it all depends on what your community make up is.”

Some ceremonies choose to stay at the cenotaph no matter the conditions.

“I remember days gone by when I was a cub leader and the kids would come out and most of them freezing to death. It didn’t matter. They were happy to be there,” says Fredericton resident Byron Webber.

Don Swain says there's been no movement to move the Fredericton ceremony into an arena.

“I know our legionaries who are going to be marching and the colour party, what they do is put their long johns on, maybe a parka and an overcoat and just go forward with the parade and ceremony,” he says.

Swain says both veterans and the community will show up no matter the weather to remember Canadians who fought.

“They didn't only fight on sunny days. They were in all kinds of inclement weather.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore.