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Speed limit reductions on the way for two Halifax neighbourhoods


The Halifax Regional Municipality will begin work this week to reduce the speed limit in two residential areas in the city.

The speed limit will be reduced from 50 km/h to 40 km/h in the following neighbourhoods:

  •  Northern Peninsular Halifax, bounded by the MacKay Ramp, Novalea Drive, Lady Hammond Road, and Duffus Street
  •  Armcrescent, bounded by Chebucto Road, Connaught Avenue, and Quinpool Road

“Crews will be installing new speed limit signs in two separate areas of Halifax. The first is the northern part of the peninsula and then the second one is around the arm crescent area,” said Ryan Nearing with the Halifax Regional Municipality.

In a Monday news release from the municipality, the city says the speed reductions are part of an initiative to try and improve road safety.

“Road safety is key to ensuring safe communities with thriving, accessible mobility options for all ages and abilities,” said Nearing in the release.

The city says the changes will make safety higher for pedestrians. 

“It increases pedestrian survival rate in the event of an auto collision by 40 per cent just by reducing the speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h, so it's a very easy change where we see a lot of tangible benefits,“ added Nearing. 

According to the release, the speed limit reduction is being implemented “following provincial approval based on available data and an assessment of roadway characteristics that meet their qualifications.”

In Nova Scotia, the Motor Vehicle Act legislates speed limits on public roads to default at a speed limit of 50km/h, but municipalities are allowed to request lower posted speed limits if they are accompanied by documents that include current roadway characteristics and operating speeds.

Community weighs in

While the changes may not be favoured by people commuting through the neighbourhoods, many residents say the speed reductions are a welcomed change.

For three-and-a-half years, Preetam Singh has enjoyed his quiet neighbourhood in Armcrescent, but it's bordered by one of the busiest streets in the city, which means people driving over the speed limit is a common occurrence.

“What I see is there's lots of new faces here in Halifax. So I think it’s better they reduce the speed limit from 50 to 40 because I feel safer,” said Singh.

Others who live in the neighbourhood agree with Singh.

“It's dangerous. If it's 50 they go 60, so if its 40 they'll go 50, so I would say 40 is a good move,” said resident Carolyn Mcdiarmad.

Despite adding speed bumps to the Armcrescent area, residents say they aren’t helping much.

“They all go quickly,” said Carolyn’s husband, Allan. 

“Speed bumps don't even slow them down, and those are the people that should be driving 40,” said Carolyn.

With files from CTV's Hafsa Arif. 

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