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Suspicious candy found in Moncton trick-or-treater’s candy: N.B. RCMP


North end Moncton resident Jennifer Mack contacted police when something odd was discovered in her eight-year-old daughter’s bag.

Mack said she was out trick-or-treating with her daughter and son and said they didn’t go to too many places.

The substance was wrapped in folded wax paper and Mack said it was clearly not wrapped professionally.

Nothing out of the ordinary was discovered in her son’s bag, but he didn’t go to as many houses as his sister.

Mack posted photos of the substance on a community Facebook page to warn other parents.

In her opinion, what was discovered is some sort of illegal drug.

“I can’t see what else it could be to be honest,” said Mack. “The texture, the look of it.”

A Mountie showed up around midnight and stayed for about an hour.

Sgt. Sébastien Decaens of the Codiac Regional RCMP said the substance will be sent to a lab to determine what it is.

Decaens said they are taking the incident very seriously, but wouldn’t speculate on what it could be.

“This could have been a sad story,” said Decaens.

Mack said there was no smell to it at all and she knew it wasn’t candy.

“I’m very anxious to find out,” said Mack. “If it is something dangerous like that I would be absolutely livid. Who would put that in a child’s bag? I’m very curious to what it is.”

The incident remains under investigation..

"We understand that this can be alarming for parents, and we are investigating the matter," said Staff Sgt. Jonathan White with the Codiac Regional RCMP in a Wednesday news release. "We are encouraging parents to call us if they also saw this in their child's Halloween treats, however, at this point, it remains an isolated event."

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