The people who rent a home on a property where a 16-year-old boy was allegedly held captive and assaulted for two days is speaking out, saying they weren't aware of what was taking place on the property.

Tina Myers rents a home on the East Chezzetcook property in Nova Scotia and she lives there part-time with her two sons. She says she and her two sons are shocked over the allegations.

"I had no idea, because if I had, it wouldn't have taken place," says Myers.

The victim told police he was abducted on Monday, and taken to the East Chezzetcook property, where he was allegedly detained and assaulted for nearly two days.

He was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries on Wednesday and a forensics team scoured the property on Thursday.

Myers says she wasn't home at the time of the alleged incident, but points to the friends of her eldest son.

"They come over and they stay the night…it's happened a numerous amount of times," says her son, who has asked not to be identified because of concerns over his safety. "And nothing like this ever has happened, right, so it's pretty surprising."

He says five friends asked to stay over Tuesday night, and while he was in the home, they were in the shed. He also says he was shocked to find police at his front door when he woke up Wednesday morning.

"It just breaks my heart to know that this boy had suffered so long on my property," says Myers.

Police say the alleged victim is known to them, and at this point no charges have been laid.

Neighbours say they have noticed loud music coming from the property, but Kyle Tavares, who is a friend of the family, says he and his friends are just trying to start a band.

"We go to that shed every weekend to practice our music," says Tavares. "We want to entertain people. We don't hurt people."

Meanwhile, the alleged victim has reportedly been released from hospital and police are still investigating the incident, which they say doesn't appear to be a random act.

"I apologize to the community if they think we're bad people, because we're not," says Myers. "I never meant to disrupt anyone."

With files from CTV Atlantic's Felicia Yap