A former Cape Breton school principal put all of his 300 neckties from his career to good use by displaying them on a quilt.

When Cameron Frost’s 32-year career ended in 2014, he decided it was time to retire the fashion accessories that made him known to students and staff as “The Tie Guy.”

Frost has a tie for every occasion.

"When you're working with children all the time, you want to be ready for any special occasion,” said Frost. “So the kids really enjoy it when you show up on Valentine’s Day wearing your Valentine’s Day tie."

Frost says he could think of no better wat to commemorate his ties than to have some his favourites sewn on a quilt.

"They worked with me for my 32 years teaching, and when I got to retire, I guess I thought, 'It's only fair. They deserve to be retired as well.'"

Much like the ties themselves, the quilt also tells a story of an unlikely friendship made with the woman who crafted it.

Until roughly a year ago, Frost had the concept of a quilt but no one to make it. But a chance meeting at Chase the Ace changed that. He wound up sharing a table with a Glace Bay woman named Betty Bauman who just so happened to be an experienced quilter.

"From a stranger to a real good family friend, to someone who did me a great honour by agreeing to do this for me," said Frost.

Some of the goofier ones will be given away in the continued spirit of paying it forward. But the ties closest to his heart will remain decorating his den throughout his golden years.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald.