Another venomous Portuguese man o’ war has been found on a Nova Scotia beach. But this one has also now found a home at the Museum of Natural History.

Amber Collins-Grimmer's children found the creature that looks like a jellyfish, but is actually a colony of four animals working together as one.

“I was blown away. I said to the kids three times on the drive that was better than all the beach glass in the world,” says Collins-Grimmer.

The family watched a story on CTV News last week and knew to avoid the dangerous tentacles, so they scooped it into a bucket and took it to the experts who say it's rare.

“It floats in the water and wherever the wind pushes it,” says Andrew Hebda of the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. “We normally might hear about them every two or three years, but this is unusual.

This man o’ war was found in the sand at Crystal Crescent, the same beach where one was found last week.

The man o’ war will be kept in a tank and put on display at the Museum of Natural History.