Unionized workers of Canada Post rallied Thursday morning in Halifax to raise awareness of changes coming to postal service.

Demonstrators held up signs that read, ‘Save Canada Post.’

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is trying to draw awareness to cuts coming to service in the Bedford and Sackville areas - some of the first Canadian communities to be affected by the five-year strategic plan.

“This is going to be phased in five,” explains Mike Keefe of CUPW Nova Local. “Part of this is logistical, and part of this is Canada Post seeing what way the wind is blowing and what kind of push back from the public. We’re hoping rallies like this will engage the public and let them know, there’s still time to make your voice heard.”

One of the main changes coming is replacing door-to-door service with community mailboxes.

Canada Post says it’s not cutting jobs, but plans to reduce the work force through attrition.