FREDERICTON -- There's a new store in town and it's ready to rock your socks off.

These music lovers wanted to shop somewhere that reflected their style, so they opened Rocker Chic Boutique.

"I have a passion for clothing, especially rhinestones and embroidered stuff like jean jackets and it all played into music too, you know we're music lovers we just like the rocker scene," said Michele Gallant, co-owner Rocker Chic Boutique.

The husband and wife team are hoping to bring their funkier style to the city.

"Anybody really that wants to dress up, anybody, this is for 18 to 60 and then some, anyone who wants to have a little colour in their life and feel good about themselves this is the place to be," said co-owner Wayne DeLong.

For music lovers such as Gallant and DeLong, the pandemic shut down their passion and their plans.

"Any chance we get we buy tickets so the last year has been really hard we were going to like two or three concerts a year and then the COVID just shut everything down and it also put our plans for the store on hold," Gallant said.

The shop opened on Saturday, drawing people in with its neon sign.

"We're getting a lot of feed back," DeLong said. "We just realized there's not a lot of clothing stores options in downtown Fredericton and so we're getting a lot of great feedback and we're kind of excited about it and we're just kind of what people are telling us and we're trying to expand and go that way."

Making work, like music to their ears.