The NSLC store in Wolfville, N.S. has reopened after part of the ceiling collapsed last month.

The suspended ceiling collapsed over the sales floor area of the store on June 26. NSLC employees helped everyone get out safely and no one was injured.

The store reopened Monday morning, exactly three weeks after the collapse.

The NSLC says up to two dozen people worked seven days a week, including after dark, to limit the extent of the closure.

“It was important to us to get the renovations done properly so that we could reopen as soon as possible for our customers, placing top priority on the safety of our employees and our customers while this work was being done,” said regional manager Lorne Denney.

The Crown corporation says it took the opportunity to enhance the store, installing a walk-in refrigerated area to replace the original reach-in refrigerated unit, and adding 800 square feet of retail space.

The NSLC says it is awaiting the outcome of a structural engineer’s report, but that the structural integrity of the building is not in question