Dozens of volunteers armed with shovels and wheelbarrows descended on Holy Cross Cemetery in Halifax Saturday morning to help restore the historic landmark.

Thousands of volunteer hours by members of the Irish community were undone during a senseless act of vandalism in January.

Dozens of stones were toppled over, resulting in hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

As disgusted as they were by the attack, volunteers say work has brought them together.

"We didn't have any idea what we were getting into until we got started,” said volunteer Don Reardon. “What we've really come to appreciate over time is the comradery that's come out of this, and the relationships.”

The volunteers hope to restore another thousand by fall, along with repairing all the damage done by the vandals.

The cemetery established in 1843 is home to notable names, including former Prime Minister John Thompson.

Police are still looking for tips that will lead them to the culprits.