Nine-year-old Zoey Jackson recently got glammed up for a special photoshoot, that allowed the young girl fighting cancer to be a warrior princess for a day.

Zoey was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour three years ago.

"I just want her to enjoy the day, and a day that she can remember on a farm and be happy," says Zoey’s mother Pam Jackson.

Zoey’s journey hasn't been easy; she underwent nine months of chemotherapy before developing an allergic reaction to the medication. The next step was 30 rounds of radiation.

"No one ever thinks that their child will be diagnosed with such an illness and it really, really makes you appreciate every day that you have," says Jackson.

For the photoshoot, Zoey was transformed into a warrior princess and got to ride a horse at Guildwood Farm on Nova Scotia’s south shore.

"She was a little scared, but you would never know it,” says Jackson.

"Whenever I’m speaking with somebody, or emailing back and forth, I’m looking for a word or a topic or a subject or an interest that I think I can turn into a shoot,” says photographer Ed Boulter. “Pam said that she called Zoey her warrior and the word warrior just stuck with me."

Boulter is cancer survivor himself; he now dedicates his free time, talent and resources to others battling the disease with unique and elaborate photoshoots.

He hopes Zoey gains strength from the unique experience.

"Being out on the horse, something she's never done before, and hearing people say 'You did really good'. Combine that with the pictures and I’m hoping that she'll have some strength and confidence to say 'Yeah, I can do it'."

While the tumour is still there, Zoey’s condition is stable.

"Right now, she's just living life and doing whatever we can do to keep her busy and keep her happy," says Jackson.

A few weeks after the photoshoot, a special delivery of Zoey’s photos arrived to the Jackson household in Saint John.

Looking back on the day, Pam says it allowed Zoey to be whatever she wanted, with picture perfect proof of a positive and memorable experience.

"Ed did an excellent job just depicting what her personality is. She really is a princess warrior.”

Ed Boulter says he is always looking for more people for photoshoots. To get in touch with him go to