HALIFAX -- It is not often you hear about a house being auctioned off by an owner, but that's what happening in Halifax, and it is believed to be the first time anyone has tried that selling technique in the city.

The impressive, high-end property perched on the Northwest Arm is being auctioned off, rather than sold in the usual fashion.

Bids are already coming in for the property, which will likely be best appreciated by a certain kind of buyer -- and not just because of the price.

The home is located on the picturesque Purcell's Cove Road in the Mainland South area of Halifax.

Having listed the property a year-and-a-half ago, realtor Donna Harding is familiar with what's known as Jensen's Landing.

With five buildings on 1.3 acres, it qualifies as an exclusive kind of property.

Along with two garages, there are seven bedrooms and five bathrooms in the main house, guest house and carriage house. It also boasts a unique design.

"Everything in this property was built to mimic a ship," Harding said.

From spiral staircases to railings designed to look like the bow of the Titanic, no detail was overlooked.

"Both owners are ex-captains, so they understand sea life, and ocean-going life, and so they wanted a property that was very unique in that regard," Hardin said.

Now listed by a New York-based auction house, bidding on Jenson's Landing opened Friday.

"We put a fuse on things obviously," said Kevin Butler, the auction manager. "A property such as this could, in a traditional market, in a traditional marketing scenario, could stay on the market for a number of years."

Harding says the property is unique.

"It was built after Hurricane Juan, and built to withstand a hurricane," she said.

Even with a reserve of $2.3 million, bids are coming in, and the auction house is convinced Jensen's Landing will have a new owner when the bidding closes Thursday.

But the realtor says there's only type of buyer who will fully appreciate it.   

"Everything in here is nautical," Harding said. "This property needs a sailor."