HALIFAX -- A collaboration between clothing brand East Coast Lifestyle and activist group GameChangers902 seeks to level the playing field and create opportunities for Nova Scotia's Black community.

On Wednesday, East Coast Lifestyle revealed a new t-shirt design with all the proceeds donated back to the community, providing scholarships to African Nova Scotians.

"GameChangers902, our main focus is to centralize African Nova Scotian voices. Youth, adults, wherever we can, we work with groups all across Nova Scotia,” says co-founder Trayvone Clayton.

"The partner with East Coast Lifestyle is to show the momentum we can move forward with, with one another."

East Coast Lifestyle founder Alex MacLean says it’s about raising awareness and creating positive change.

"So this shirt represents all the communities coming together as one," says MacLean.

"It's not going to change everything, but we believe it's an initial step forward in a positive way."

Designed by Halifax artist She Nubian, the colours blend or fade into one.

"It goes from white, light brown and it gets darker. Basically, it's trying to show people that no matter what colour you are, as a whole, you can still be united," says Clayton.

"That's what we're trying to prove to people, we're trying to create that chemistry and show people that, this is what you can do, this is who you can be, this is who you should be, we are all one."

The idea behind creating a scholarship is to help the next generation.

"That's one of our main focuses and our platform, is for the upcoming youth to succeed," says Clayton.

MacLean says over 100 shirts sold in the first day, and they are adding larger sizes and kids sizes based off the demand.

You can purchase the shirt in stores or the East Coast Lifestyle website.