IONA, N.S. -- Nova Scotia’s election campaign continued Friday, with party leaders hitting the road and focusing on tourism, child care and health care.

Nova Scotia's Liberal leader arrived at the Highland Village in Iona on Friday with a promise to raise investment to 5-million dollars over two years to maintain a program helping tourism companies use digital strategies to retain and grow their business.

“From no touching to digitally connecting products, such as hotels, golf, and restaurants. Travellers will be looking for ease and improved web presence from operators and that means the tourism sector will have to be a leader in digitization,” said Iain Rankin, N.S. Liberal leader.

Rankin says the program received 2.5 million dollars in June, but Friday’s announcement is additional funding.

Tourism revenues in the province bring in about $2.6 billion annually, but have dropped dramatically over the past year due to the pandemic.

“This type of program not only helps us rebound as an industry, but also allows us to pivot a bit and take advantages of new expectations and new avenues for reaching our community and clients,” says Rodney Chaisson, executive director of the Highland Village.

N.S. NDP leader Gary Burrill started his day in the riding of Fairview-Clayton Park, with his focus on helping families dealing with the high cost of before and after daycare.

Burrill says if elected the 29.5 million dollar program would be universal and open to anyone who needs it.

“A NDP government will provide free, school-based before and after school care at the elementary and primary levels,” says Burrill.

N.S. PC leader Tim Houston's focus was once again on health care, and the need for more family doctors.

Houston says solutions introduced by his team will include a physician savings program to keep doctors in Nova Scotia until they retire.

“Under a PC government Nova Scotia would match RRSP contributions for up to 15 thousand dollars per year for doctors with over 15 years of experience,” says Houston.

Part of party promises that continue to be rolled out, as we end week one on the campaign trail.