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Cape Breton fire crews on standby for N.S. wildfire support

Glace Bay Fire Chief John Chant might be five hours away, but thoughts are with his firefighting brothers and sisters in Halifax.

“I'd be on the truck at dinner time today, if I could go up and give them a hand,” said Chant.

That's the feeling of many, including CBRM Fire services, which have been in touch with EMO in Halifax.

“We're thinking about their crews and their safety and also advised if there's anything we can do to support, we will definitely put that together and try to deploy as best we can,” said Chief Michael Seth, director of Fire & Emergency Services of CBRM.

There has been no official request of assistance yet, but there's been plenty of conversation.

“My heart is just broken. I know those feelings of worry so well and I hope for the best outcome as possible,” said CBRM Mayor Amanda McDougall-Merrill.

Mcdougall-Merrill says flashbacks of Fiona and the planning, protecting, and urgency in the days following is fresh on the minds of many on the island. So too is the need that was offered in the days that followed.

“This morning, I was talking with Mayor Mike Savage and he said, ‘During Fiona, HRM was right there with us. We are there for you as well. You name what you need and when and we'll be there,’” said McDougall-Merrill.

Chant says his crew is ready, but admits it’s been hard to watch.

“As a fire chief and you're watching this, it almost gives you a helpless feeling because of the intensity of it and how quickly its moving, and I would bet that’s something they're feeling too. A helpless feeling of watching structures burn and watching property be lost,” said Chant. Top Stories

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