After almost two months of silence, New Brunswick RCMP have revealed that no charges will be laid in connection to an incident that occurred at Moncton Headstart.

Both the charity and police have remained tight lipped on the specifics of what took place that day and at least one mother isn't pleased with the lack of information leading up to this decision.

“This is just getting ridiculous,” said mother Lindsay O’Blenis, who removed her son from the centre after the May 22 incident.

A press conference was held on May 30 informing the public about the incident. 

Moncton Headstart spokesperson Chad Peters revealed few details about what took place, but did say:  “We made the decision to terminate the employment of the two individuals who had been previously suspended without pay. We also terminated the employment of two other individuals related to this incident.”

After an investigation by the Department of Social Development, the case was then referred to the RCMP on June 3.

In a statement to CTV News today Codiac RCMP Sgt. Mathieu Roy said in part: “After an extensive investigation, the CODIAC Regional RCMP has concluded its investigation into the Moncton Headstart complaint. It was determined that no criminality was involved. There will be no charges laid.”

Seven weeks after pulling her non-verbal son from the centre, O’Blenis is still angry about the lack of information she's received.

“All we’re getting is more and more speculation, more and more rumour mill,” O’Blenis said. “People attacking each other saying what happened or what didn't happen and if they'd just come out and give us a statement, we'd know something.”

O’Blenis says she's left looking for other educational options for her son.

“Now I'm looking towards things like what kind of in home therapies can we do, what kind of therapies can we do that I'm actively involved with and watching my child because I just don't trust anyone anymore,” O’Blenis said.

Despite the decision to not lay any criminal charges, O’Blenis says her mind is already made up.

“At this point, there’s literally nothing they could do to ever restore my trust,” O’Blenis said.

Peters says despite no charges being laid, Headstart will still send the incident back to the Department of Social Development before commenting on the matter publicly themselves.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Eilish Bonang.