SYDNEY -- It can be common place to put your pet outside to do its business or for a breath of fresh air and not think anything of it -- especially if you live in urban or suburban area.

But after one Sydney couple's close encounter with a raccoon, they realize it doesn't take much time for things to happen.

"I had to go get a tetanus shot and see doctor, then wait at the ER," said Kiel MacGibbon, who is still feeling the pain after a close encounter with a raccoon in his own backyard.

"I came around this side here and he was on top of Sam," said MacGibbon. "He was pretty wide and I just kind of grabbed him and held him down."

Sam is MacGibbon's five-pound Yorkie, one of two in the family.

A nighttime stroll through the backyard to allow the dogs to do their business turned into a scary situation very quickly.

"The whole thing happened within just a minute or less and he did quite a bit of damage during that time," Nicole MacGibbon said.

She was in bed at the time, but the commotion outside woke her up.

"I was asleep and woke up to shouting and the sounds of animals screeching," she said. "So instantly, I ran downstairs. By the time I got outside the raccoon had already disappeared and I found my husband and our dog Sam bloody."

The raccoon was able to sink its teeth into the Yorkie's back, but, thankfully the dog suffered only minor injuries.

After biting Sam, the raccoon quickly turned its attention to Kiel MacGibbon.

"I have about four or five bites on my hand and then he bit me twice on my arm, and then he scraped my legs pretty bad when I dove at him, and he scratched the top of my head pretty bad," he said.

Kiel continues to see his physician for rabies treatment, but is otherwise fine.

The pair is still in shock about what happened that night.

"I was completely shocked that a raccoon would attack," said Nicole. "You always hear if you encounter a wild animal they are always more afraid of you, then you should be of them."

It's not uncommon for raccoons to behave aggressively. They can be dangerous and will bite if they feel threatened.