A popular group of geese have made their way back to a pond in Dartmouth, but not everyone is welcoming them with open arms.

Adam Faber grew up close to Sullivan’s Pond and remembers the geese all too well.

Living in Toronto now, Faber decided to make a not-so-welcome back song for the waterfowl.

Creating a song to the classic tune “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” from the Backstreet Boys, the accordion-playing Dartmouth man is getting a lot of attention after posting his tune online.

“Oh my god they’re back again. Brother, sister better stay away,” belts out Faber as he rocks out on his accordion.

“They’ll bring the pain if you cross them now. Cause Hope for Wildlife let ‘em out!”

The waterfowl spend the winter months at Hope for Wildlife, with a spring return to Sullivan’s Pond.

While the geese are beloved by many in the Dartmouth neighbourhood, some, like Faber, say they aren’t the friendliest of neighbours.

“The geese are a beloved cultural institution,” said Faber. “They could work on their personal skills.”

“They give me a hard time on the trail,” said local trail user Paul Burgess.

“I live pretty close. I definitely hear them a lot. They’re chippy,” said local resident Kaitlyn Campbell. “I say they’re just trying to mind their own business.”

Although Faber insists the Dartmouth geese could use better manners, he says he is not anti-goose or anti-geese.

“Just give them the space they need. They’ve got some things to work through on their own,” said Faber.

The geese are expected to remain at Sullivan’s Pond until the winter month’s return.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Paul Hollingsworth