HALIFAX -- There's excitement, confusion, and curiosity over the combination of an iconic Halifax drink and delicacy.

King of Donair, credited with inventing Halifax’s original donair, is partnering with Alexander Keith's Breweries to create Donair Beer.

"We've been toying with the idea of having a donair beer for a number of years now," says Nicholas Nahas, King of Donair vice-president. "Beer and donairs, they often go hand in hand."

The two companies began creating test batches to combine flavours from the Keith's brewery and K.O.D. kitchen.

The flavours of donair meat and sweet donair sauce were soon dismissed from the recipe, but the blending of donair spices and pita bread were found to be the perfect match.

"So I think it will have a real authentic taste when it comes to the donair flavour," says Wade Keller with Alexander Keith's Breweries.

Keller says the Keith's brewmaster was aiming for a beer tasting "a little spicy with a little bit of heat on the back end."

Donair Beer will make its official debut on Sunday to mark National Donair Day, but an early version of the beer was available Monday for a few customers at the King of Donair location on Quinpool Road.

"What an idea," says customer Scott Blackburn, after taking a swig. "I can't believe they came up with this, but it's going to be a big hit."

Donair Beer could go nationwide, depending on its popularity and demand in the Halifax area. There's already been widespread social media attention on the new brew.

"More or less, it's people saying 'This is so Halifax, this is so Nova Scotia," says Nahas. "Because the two go together hand-in-hand."